Animals Gallery - 2016

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a painting of three giraffes standing in foliage in the fog   painting of two hummingbirds hovering around red bell shaped flowers
Three Giraffes in Fog   Sprite Hummingbirds
painting of a green hummingbird with a red spot on its throat sitting on a branch of red and yellow flowers painting of a black and white loon with a small grey baby on it's back painting of a white headed brown bird sitting on top of a bare tree
Anna's Hummingbird Common Loon Bald Eagle #2
painting of a white headed, black bellied duck standing on a rock calling with its head in the air painting of a crocodile crawling out of blue water onto grey rocks painting of a long legged brown and white bird wading through greeninsh water in which it is reflected
Black bellied Whistling Duck Crocodile Rocks Black Winged Stilt
painting of a green backed ruby throated hummingbird sitting on a pinecone painting of a green fish swimming in blue green water painting of a black and yellow butterfly sitting on a pink flower
Calliope Hummingbird Humpbacked Wrasse Eastern Black Swallowtail
painting of a black headed red breasted bird sitting on a tree branch painting of a yellow and black swallowtailed butterfly flying over red and green foliage painting of a brown hummingbird hoveering and feeding from purple bell shapped flowers
Elegant Trogons Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Rufus at Trumpet Vine
painting of a reddish brown duck about to land on water painting of two brown and yellow birds sitting on a brach full of red berries painting of the heads of two parrots, one bright blue and the other bright red
Cinnamon Teal landing Pair of Cedar Waxwings Scarlet & Gold Macaw