Animals Gallery - 2015

Animals 2016    |     Earlier Work

four hummingbirds hovering around a fluffy red flower Tufted titmouse hopping down a branch a brown owl white creamy spots sitting on a moss covered branch 2 black swallowtail butterflies with orange and white spots hanging on an orange flower
Black Chinned & Anna's I Hop (Tufted Titmouse) Spotted Owl Black Swallowtails
a hummingbird hovering over a yellow flower against a red background Blue jay sitting on a rusted water pump next to a green fence Painting of a yellow butterfly feeding on a   purple flower painting of a bald eagle soaring in a blue sky above snowy mountains
Black Chinned on Prickly Pear Blue Jay on Old Pump Clouded Sulfur I Soar
a painting of just the eyes and face of a golden eagle a painting of 3 cream colored owls huddled together sleeping painting of an orange butterfly with brown spots sitting on a pink, purple and white flower painting of a cream colored owl with brown spots, wings spread wide soaring through the air
Here's Looking at You Nap Time Questionmark on Bush Snowy Owl