Beaver Island Gallery

abandoned old rusty car sitting among trees painting of people on horseback at the intersection of a dirt road and a paved one painting of pioneers removing trees and working the soil fishermen on a dock with buidlings mending their nets
Abandoned on Beaver Island Heading Out Breaking Ground-1800s Fishermen Mending their Nets
painting of a orange susnet in cloudy skies over a harbor Painting of a man riding a chestnut horse
Harbor Stormy Sunset Joe & Colonel Font Lake Days End
South End Lighthouse The Bob S Harbor View Old Mormon House
The Cisco Malloy's Ice House Waves on the Bay Hannon's View
Beaver Island
Boat Dock (1956)
Beaver Island
Rail Road
Road to
Bonner's Bluff
The Ruby Ann
silhoutte of a woman on a beach painting of people arriving on Beaver Island from a ferry
Henry & Agnes
on Bench
Wicklow Beach The Bonner Farm High Times on
High Island
painting of a lighthouse
Beaver Island
South Light