painting of an awninged store front called the Eyrie      
The Eyrie      
Painting of a small town main street with colorful buildings side by side painting of a building with red and blue umbrellas in front covering outdoor tables lighthouse painting of buildings with a boat on a trailor
Richard Reid's Depot Town Sidetrack #2 Beaver Island
South Light
Robin Hood's Bay
drury beck bridge barns on a rolling hillside Whitby abby Stailhes harbor
Drury Beck Bridge Barns & Hills of Gayle Ruins of Whitby Abby Stailhes Harbor
Aubree's South End Lighthouse Cabin in the Mountains Cady's
Gilbert Mansion House on Grove Mackinac Lighthouse Malloy's Ice House
Materials Unlimited Old Mormon House Sidetrack Simply Devine
painting of Bombadill's painting of the Grand Hotel Paesano's restaurant Paesano's restaurant
Bombadills The Grand Hotel Paesano's Restaurtante Paesano's