Landscapes Gallery

painting of a blue wave curling over painting of fall foliage along the banks of a river painting of birch trees in autumn on the edge of a pond
The Wave Autumn on the Huron #2 Autumn on the Pond
painting of yellow and red leafed trees reflected in a river painting of rolling green hills painting  of a sunrise through the trees
Autumn on the Huron Panchard Gill Sunrise through the Trees
painting of a silhouette of a tree on a hillside with clouds painting of rolling green hills Silhouette of a woman on a beach
Standing Strong Yorkshire Dells Wicklow Beach
a paninting of moors
Yorkshire Moor Charlevoix Lighthouse Mighty Mac
Waves on the Bay Font Lake Fort Mackinac
Hannon's View Tropical Beach Days End
silhouettes of three children in the water mountain reflections in a lake
Silhouettes on the Sunset Mountain Fog Reflections