Animals Gallery - Earliest work

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painting of a red breasted bluebird spreading it's wings to fly off of a flowered branch painting of a grey butterfly sitting on pink flower buds a pair of long necked birds building a nest in a tree top  
Bluebird takes Wing Gray Hairstreak Nest Building  
a painting of a white breasted olive green bird sitting on top of a branch a pair o f brown, grey and yellow birds sitting on a branch with berries painting of a yellow breasted bird sitting on a red leafed branch Painting of a great crested flycatcher
Diederik Cuckoo in Africa Pair of Cedar Waxwings Kirkland's Warbler Great Crested Flycatcher
painting of a man riding a chestmut horse painting of a cedar waxwing painting of a hummingbird and blue flowers painting of a red Cardinal sitting on a mailbox sporting a bow
Joe & Colonel Cedar Waxwing #2 Broad Tailed Hummingbird#2 Cardinal with a Bow
painting of a blue heron standing in front of reeds painting of a Northern Parula painting of a pair of sanhill cranes painting of a ruffed grouse wlaking through a leafy forest floor
Giant Blue Heron Northern Parula Sandhill Cranes Ruffed Grouse
Painting of a male wood duck floating on a colorful surface Painting of a black and white dog sitting painting of two goldfinches on a branch painting of a yellow warbler and a twig
Wood Duck Francine #2 American Goldfinches Yellow Warbler
painting of a bald eagle in flight Painting of a turkey wading in water painting of a common yellowthroat painting of a female ruby-throated hummingbird feeding at a red flower
Bald Eagle Turkey Dipping Common Yellowthroat female RT- Hummingbird
painting of two sprite hummingbirds feeding from flowers painting of a lucifer hummingbird painting of a northern flickerpainting of broad billed hummingbird hovering
Sprite Hummingbirds Lucifer Hummingbird Northern Flicker Broad billed Hummingbird
Painting of a red-headed woodpecker on the side of a tree painting of a ruby throated hummingbird feeding on a hibiscus painting of a blue butterfly resting on a yellow flower painting of a m ale ruby throated hummingbird
Red headed Woodpecker RT- Hummingbird & Hibiscus Resting on a Petal Male RT- Hummingbird
black chinned hummingbird butterfly and yellow coneflowers purple finch dark eyed junco
Black-Chinned Hummingbird Butterfly on Coneflower Purple Finch Dark Eyed Junco
Cedar Waxwing Eastern bluebird pair of cardinals Northern Cardinal
Cedar Waxwing Eastern Bluebird Cardinals Northern Cardinal
Egret on a pond Swan swimming on a pond pileated woodpecker painting of two bulldogs
Egret at North Hydro Park Swan at North Hydro Park Pileated Woodpecker Roxie and Gus
painting of a bobwhite picture of a fluffy dog sitting
The Bonner Farm Bobwhite Francine Scooter
painting of a black and white dog lying under a dining room chair in a sunbeam
Storm Bitsy Swan at North Bay Park Sun Spot